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The Bite is Right.

57 years of



Originally  a small general aviation airport,

the park had a rich and beautiful beginning.... 

What started as a landing strip for "Champagne Flights" carrying into town the Washington D.C. elite of the late 1950's became home to some of the top drag racers in history. The Longfield Drag Strip as it was once called, first opened its gates on  August 25, 1963.


On October 13, 1963, over seventy Super Stockers descended onto the park for one of the biggest races of the era which the great 

Huston Platt won in his '63 Chevy with an 11.51 ET and 122 MPH. Over the years legendary racers like hall of famers Ronnie Sox, Don Nicholson and wheel stand superstar Wild Bill Shrewsberry have graced the strip with their tire marks.

Fast forward to today and you find a drag strip running cars pushing close to 2,000 horses regularly. Although racing has come a long way during the parks 56 years in operation, the heart for competition, the "need for speed" and the spirit of entertainment continues to be felt at 2035 James Monroe Hwy... stay tuned!!

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