REAL STREET SHOOTOUT will be a points based series for Street Legal Vehicles Taken place at Custom T's Motorsports Park!

Points will be tallied at the end of each race top 10 in points at the end of the season will look to race against other tracks Top 10 Street lists. There will be a buy in for each race in each class winner take all at the end of the night for each class. There will be a shootout at the end of the season among the 10 ten in points and winner will be crowned KING OF THE STREET! 


3 points per round win 


1 point per round loss

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Rules & Classes


Real Street


The real street class is for Stock appearing tagged and insured, all steel, street cars with operating street equipment 


. MANDITORY CRUISE: There will be 3 MANDITORY Cruises taken place during the season. Cruise will consist of a meet up and a 15 mile cruise taken place 10am on race day. If you miss a mandatory cruise race you will be required complete a make up cruise at the following race. IF YOU DO NOT COMPLY WITH THE MANDITORY CRUISE DATES YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO PAY A $100 FINE THAT WILL BE ADDED TO A SEPARATE POT!


. LAST “STREETCAR” STANDING: Participants that complete the mandatory cruise will compete for a separate pot contributed by the racers who were fined 


. All vehicles must be tagged and insured. MUST SHOW PROOF OF REGISTRATION AT DRIVERS MEETING!


. No Pushing or towing of vehicles to the staging lanes or back after a pass during eliminations 


•All Real Street cars must have working headlights, taillights, full interior, working door windows, all glass (optic armor front & rear windshield permitted), all steel (unless equipped with other material from factory) fiberglass or carbon hoods & bumpers (& Trunk Lid) are permitted. Non OEM Forward facing scoops are PROHIBITED! 


•Any single power adder is permitted no combining power adders,nitrous entries are permitted a plate, single stage fogger,multi stage fogger, or single nozzle,supercharged entires are permitted multi rib, cog, or gear driven, turbo entries are allowed single or twin turbos, boosted entries are allowed water/meth injection no air to water intercoolers are permitted with the use of meth injection! (6 cyl and smaller engines are permitted the use of nitrous on boosted entires limited to single fogger with no larger than a 52n jet)


• DOT Approved tire REQUIRED if tire size bigger than 28x10.5 M/T 275 Pro, 315 Pro, Hoosier DR2 and Pro Bracket are permitted 


•Refueling is Permitted Hot lapping May be required 






The outlaw street 235 class is for you CRAZY individuals willing to put down BIG Power on a Tiny Tire!


.Steel Roof and Quarter Panels are MANDATORY.


. Must have working headlights and taillights.


.Factory Style Front Suspension and Stock Firewall location is Mandatory. Any rear suspension is permitted.


. All Vehicles are limited to a 235/60r15 drag radial or 26x8.5 slick 


. Any Single Power Adder is Permitted. No combining of power adders is allowed.


. Two seats and a dash is required in all vehicles.




The Street Racer class is for the stock appearing car that can be daily driven with basic creature comforts cars will take 15 mile cruise before race.


Street Racer Requirements are as follows:


•Factory Style Front Suspension is required Full & 3/4 chassis cars are Prohibited. Square tube back half is permitted. Ladder bar suspension is permitted. 4 link suspension is prohibited. 


•Any Cast Engine Blocks are Permitted NO Billet Blocks are allowed 


•All Steel unless equipped with other material from the factory (Composite Hoods are allowed)

Composite Fenders to allow wheels and tire clearance is permitted on FWD vehicles only.


•Working Headlights, Taillights, Turn Signals, & Horn


•All Glass Windows Required, Door windows must roll up and down


•Full Interior is Required (Rear Seat Deletes are allowed) 


•Working Radio is required 


•DOT Tires are Required on all 4 corners (Radial Pro is allowed) 


•Transbrakes and 2 steps are permitted on all vehicles 


•Full Exhaust to the b pillar is required


Heads Up Pro Tree 1/8th Mile 




The Modern Street class is for your fast modern muscle/ import tuner cars etc. Years 1987-present 


•Cars/Trucks must have factory engine block and/ or engine block must have been available as a factory or factory approved option 


•Cars/Trucks must have Factory type overdrive/ CVT/DCT transmission if automatic and factory type h pattern if manual unless factory equipped without 


•Cars/Trucks must have Dot Approved radial tire AWD cars and Trucks must have 100 treadwear or greater tires DOT approved Drag Radials with treadwear less than 100 will be permitted on 2wd vehicles only  


•Any power adder or combinations of power adders are allowed 


•Exhaust systems must be ran in factory or factory optioned locations (fwd vehicles are waived from this rule)


•Cars/Trucks must have Factory Appearing interior and panels from front seat forward 


•MUST Retain ALL Factory Glass & OEM Body Panels Excluding Hood and Bumpers 


•Vehicles Must be Tagged and insured for A cruise will take place before each race 


•Must have working headlights Taillights Signals etc..

 Shootout Registration 

$100 BUY IN
$50 BUY IN
$25 BUY IN